A man must be physically strong- Said Noelo Kamelo

A man must be physically strong- Said Noelo Kamelo

1. A man must be physically strong, he must try to learn how to fight and to protect him self from preys both human and animals, a man must have a warrior mindset. He has to have a strong body, have knowledge of combat and even know how to shoot gun.

2. A man must know how to survive in loneliness, he must be comfortable staying alone in his singleness and must be happy.

3. A man must have control over his emotions and be logical, be stoic in approaching matters of life, be calm and think before reacting in situations.

4. A man must know about game, the red pill in other to have a beautiful relationship with women, a relationship that women can’t be able to destroy his life

5. A man must not be ignorant, he has to be in love with gaining knowledge and seeking informations, he has to be a man who desire to know something about everything

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