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Chanda Na Kay ft Chef 187 – For What

Chanda Na Kay ft Chef 187 - For What

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“Chanda na Kay ft Chef 187 – For What” refers to a collaboration between the Zambian music duo Chanda na Kay and the renowned Zambian rapper Chef 187. The song “For What” likely explores various themes, potentially including social issues, personal experiences, or reflections on life. It’s common for music collaborations to bring together artists from different backgrounds to create a unique sound and message. If you’re interested in a deeper analysis of the lyrics or the cultural significance of the collaboration, I can provide more insights. 

The addition “(Prod by Massive)” indicates that the song “For What” was produced by a producer or production team known as Massive. In the context of music production, “produced by” credits the individuals or teams responsible for creating the instrumental track, arranging the music, and overseeing the recording process. Massive likely contributed to shaping the overall sound and vibe of the song, potentially incorporating elements such as beats, melodies, and instrumentation. This collaboration between Chanda na Kay, Chef 187, and Massive suggests a concerted effort to create a high-quality musical experience that blends the talents of both the artists and the production team.


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