*FRED CLETUS CHIWENA* STORYLINE Fred Cletus Chiwena, fondly known as Amphibian, was born in the year 2001 at the Mazabuka General Hospital. He hails from Chibbala village in the Mwanachingwala village chieftaincy and grew up under the care of a single-headed parent, his mother.In 2008, young Fred embarked on his educational journey, enrolling at Siyowi Primary School. However, life took a challenging turn when he lost his mother in 2010. It was during this difficult time that his uncle, Mr. Albert Hantontola, stepped in to provide support and care, becoming a pivotal figure in Fred’s life. Fred and his uncle lived together, and he continued his education journey.After completing his primary education, Fred moved on to senior secondary school, attending Habuce Private School, which is currently known as Comsave. He dedicated himself to his studies and achieved commendable results, finishing his secondary education in 2019.Despite his academic success, Fred faced the obstacle of lacking sponsorship for further education. Undeterred by this setback, he chose the path of a hustler, believing in his ability to carve out a successful future through hard work and determination.Fred acknowledges the significant role that Mr. Albert Hantontola played in making his dreams achievable, and he remains grateful for the support and guidance provided by his uncle on his journey to success. Today, Fred Cletus Chiwena, known as Amphibian, continues to strive and work hard to make his mark in the world.

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